> Rainn <

> A simple girl who invests way too much of her time into playing Zelda

> And gets frustrated because there are too many Moblins

> Like seriously, there are too many

> Anyways,,,,

> She started this neocities page purely for school purposes, but hey it's actually pretty fun

>Still learning the ropes of coding tho ahaha

> Most likely will be creating a new, and personal neocities account

> Where she can freely post about things she enjoys

> For example, killing all the Moblins in Breath of the Wild

> Anyhow, that's all

> She's pretty cool too aha

> Her tumblr is linked on the gameboy btw

> BTW listen to Daniel Caesar, he's a cool dude

> I recommend "Get You" by him, it's a real bop

I think I'm gonna put up artist and song suggestions and other stuff in the mean time


CupcakKe is p good even though a lot of her music is really wild,, Uma Kompton too lmao


GORILLAZ will be releasing their new album "HUMANZ" on Friday, April 28th

They released four of their songs early (Saturn Barz, Andromeda, Ascension, and We Got the Power)

They have their art video up for Saturn Barz in 2D and one with a 360 view

They're also featuring a variety of artists on this album (eg. Kali Uchis, De la Soul, and Vince Staples)


GORILLAZ released another song, "Let Me Out" featuring Pusha T and Mavis Staples

It's pretty good

On another note, CupcakKe released her new album, "Queen ElizaBITCH"

The songs are still wild, but the messages are pretty great


Listen to Khalid's album, "American Teen"

"The Night" by HONNE is really good too

K.A.R.D is dropping another single called "Rumor" in two weeks